Our Programs Are Effective

Our partners' and doctors' programs have proven effective against dengue, which is transmitted by the same mosquito (Aedes species).

The Zika Foundation doctors, mosquito experts, biological control experts, disaster responders and community health care workers have successfully controlled diseases transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes throughout Asia and Africa.

Dengue outbreaks, caused by the same mosquito as Zika, were controlled by the pilot Chronological Layered Urban Aedes Control (CLUAC), which systematically attacks all phases of the mosquito life cycle: oviposition (egg laying) sites, water-dwelling larvae, the adult mosquito, and the mosquito “havens” that protect Aedes mosquitoes from predators and chemical control. Each layer of the CLUAC attack is low cost and sustainable. When maintained over the rainy season, the attack reduces dengue transmission 61%-94% in densely populated villages in Asia.

The Zika Foundation is working with partners in Brazil, Columbia, Panama, the Center for Affordable Medical Technologies (CAMTech) at Massachusetts General Hospital and the Texas A&M University System (TAMUS) to further reduce the cost of CLUAC - and similar programs - using social media, technology innovation hackathons, direct-funding initiatives, concise field metrics and accountability, and our boots-to-ground community-based mosquito monitors. Our resources are precision targeted at near-term solutions.

  • Every year, 64 million pregnancies will be at risk of Zika.
  • Ebola taught us how to protect health care systems from disease. We must act now to protect the health infrastructure of partner nations from being overwhelmed by Zika cases.
  • $61 prevents one Zika, dengue, yellow fever or chikungunya infection. And we can do better -- newborns with Zika Congenital Syndrome require 24-hour care, causing women to leave the work force, impoverishing families and assistance agencies.
  • $960 protects a 6500 square meter village, or 120 people from Zika and dengue for 30 days.
  • Zika Foundation leadership takes no salary; donations are dedicated to directly supporting the activities of our scientists, physicians, and public health professionals.
  • We are leaders in treating Zika (and dengue), in drug and vaccine development, disaster response, community organization, and mosquito control. But we need your help.
  • We work in affected regions, directly with health leaders of impacted nations.
  • Our metrics for success are simple: stop Zika infections, prevent Guillain Barre Syndrome paralysis, save health care networks overwhelmed by Zika and empower local communities to take charge.
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