The mission of the Zika Foundation is to provide immediate, viable, low cost and sustainable interventions to prevent Zika viral infection of men, women and unborn children.  The Zika Foundation intends to solicit donations and fund and manage interventions at the level of the household, the community, the village and the nation.


"No executive here takes a salary. Rest assured that your donation will go exactly where it is needed."

Our Goal

A key goal is to put ourselves out of business within 5 years. As such, the Zika Foundation will reassess its own progress every 6 months with the intention of achieving all our goals and dismantling the foundation within 60 months.

The phases of our foundation

The Zika Foundation will execute 3 phases to be completed in 5 years. Phases are selected based on urgency and proven impact.

  • Phase 1 focuses on mosquito control.
  • Phase 2 focuses on community resilience at the level of the business, the school, the village, and a section of the border.
  • Phase 3 focuses on safe, effective treatment of children and adults, including pregnant women and their unborn children, using carefully screened anti-viral agents which will be made available - for free. We will work with any pharmaceutical manufacturer or government that can produce these treatments and ensure the medications are available to all.

The Zika Foundation accepts no royalties, revenues or profits for our intellectual property, products or programs.

Phase 1: the Mosquito

The Zika Foundation has brought mosquito experts together with mathematicians, chemical surveillance experts, improvised device manufacturers and engineers to repel Aedes mosquito from houses where most infections occur, to attract the mosquito to our community-based artificial human baits, to maximize mosquito predation using biological controls (dragonfly, copepods, bats, swallows) and to eliminate the habitats where female mosquitoes lay their eggs.

Phase 1 mosquito-control programs include research into more attractive and lower cost baits, the use of hack-a-thons to bring new experts together to develop innovative mosquito-control technologies,  the publication of previously unpublished, peer reviewed data on the best personal repellents specific for Aedes mosquitoes and guidance for businesses, communities and Departments of Public Health that are instituting mosquito-control programs.

Spread the word! The more people who find out about the Zika Foundation, the more support it will get. So post a link to this website on your Facebook page and include it in your email signature. Don't forget to donate, and get your friends to donate too! Every little bit helps.

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