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The mission of The Zika Foundation is to advance and rapidly deploy low-cost and sustainable interventions that halt the spread of Zika worldwide. The Zika Foundation solicits donations, funds in-country operations and manages educational activities and technology solutions for Zika prevention, mosquito control and medical interventions.

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The Zika Foundation, helping to prevent Zika viral infection of men, women and unborn children

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The first step is to avoid mosquitos.

Pregnant Woman Spraying Mosquito Repellant To Protect Against Zika Virus

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Zika Virus Damage Can Mislead Parents, Experts Say

A pediatric neurologist in Brazil describes a young infant crawling forward at an age when most cannot even roll over or another that sits straight up when her foot is tickled. What initially looks to be exceptional babies turns out to be Zika babies with underdeveloped brains that continue to operate reflexively, keeping them in […]


Doctors Brace for Zika Babies

The first group of babies exposed to the Zika virus during their first trimester are being born this month in Puerto Rico, and pediatricians don’t know what to expect. Studies suggest a 1% to 13% chance that a baby will be born with microcephaly and even greater chance that he or she will be born […]